What We Offer

At Miriam Avery Insurance Agency, we partner with our clients to create the best employee benefit programs that help:

ATTRACT and RETAIN a desirable workforce | ENCOURAGE a healthy population | COMMUNICATE company benefits | MINIMIZE workers compensation exposures | IMPROVE employee engagement!

We provide exceptional service all year round and are both proactive and responsive in aligning our client’s future vision while addressing present needs.

Medical Plans

Implementing the right choices and controlling costs can be accomplished with your health care budget. Choices include traditional plans to self insured options. Ask us which is right for you!

Voluntary Programs

Voluntary programs are a great way to offer desirable policies that employees want. The importance of voluntary (“worksite”) programs in designing a comprehensive benefit package has many cost advantages for employers. For more information, check out our Worksite Programs.

Asset Protection

Plans that help offset lost income & protect valuable assets are “peace of mind” policies that allow employees to insure what they work hard for everyday.


Curious about how your health plan stacks up against other organizations in similar geographical regions, industry, and group size? Ask us to learn more!

Creative Risk Management

Learn how to positively affect workers compensation utilization and transfer risk
using a benefit strategy!

Value Added Services

These are services designed to enhance the well being of your employees from telemedicine to concierge style advocates, we’ve got creative ideas to perk up your workforce.